Serenease Aesthetic and Wellness Studio

Membership Card

Explore the Perks of our Membership Cards

Your membership card entitles you to avail of exclusive deals, discounts, and packages offered by Serenease Aesthetic and Wellness Studio. 

Types of Cards

NAME HOLDER MEMBERSHIP (can only be used by the person whose name is in the card)
Family Membership (4pax)₱4,999
Besties Membership Package (Name holders only)₱2,999
Solo Membership (Name Holder Only)₱1,999
NO NAME MEMBERSHIP (can be used by anyone that have the physical card)
x4 No Name Membership Package₱6,999
x2 No Name Membership Package₱3,999
Solo No Name Membership₱2,499

Membership Benefits:

  1. 10% – 20% discount on all services.
  2. Exclusive promotions, discounts, and packages.
  3. Appointments will be prioritized.
  4. No charge for the use of shower for massage/scrub services.
  5. Free head spa on your Birthday.
  6. Downpayment won’t be required when booking an appointment.

*save up to 120,000 in a year on all services.*

Terms and Conditions:

  • All membership cards are only valid for 1 year.
  • Membership fees are not refundable under any circumstance.
  • Only valid up to its date of expiry and when it has been signed by the cardholder.
  • Membership pricing, promotions, and offers are non-transferable and are for the member’s use only except the x4 & x2 No Name membership cards.
  • Membership pricing may be applied to any services & gift cards. Not applicable to our normal promotions for regular prices.
  • Membership physical cards should be present at all times.
  • PWD/Senior Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with the membership card.
  • The spa has the right to terminate the membership due to unruly behavior of the holder/s.
  • The spa has the right to amend the terms/conditions whenever possible for the improvement of our services.